Chardonnay wine history
1999 -  First vintage. 2 tonnes hand picked January 31st 1999. Vines not yet 3 years old. Fruity, very soft & gentle, honeyed tones. Unwooded only. 10.5% alcohol.

2000 -2 ½ tonnes hand picked February 12th 2000. Grape vines almost 4 years old. Matured in a combination of new and old French oak barrels, this wine has a current of tangy tropical fruits with hints of caramel. 11.8% alcohol. 

2001 -6 ½ tonnes hand picked February 24th 2001. Grape vines almost 5 years old. Partly fermented in stainless steel and finished in new French oak and one year old American oak barrels, which give it a melon and citrus fruity flavour melded with spicy cinnamon, leaving a good length of palate with subtle oak. 12.5% alcohol.

2002 -6 ½ tonnes hand picked March 3rd 2002. Grape vines almost 6 years old. Unwooded. Fermented in stainless steel, giving a melon, peach & tropical fruit flavour, leaving a generous length of palate with a zesty finish. 12 .5% alcohol.

2003 -1 ½ tonnes hand picked February 15th 2003. Grape vines almost 7 years old. Very wet, hot & humid end of season caused lots of botrytis, a very small crop resulted. A full flavoured wine with a fruity palate and a lingering finish. Unwooded & bottled early to retain its freshness. 13% alcohol. 2004 -3 tonnes hand picked February 26th

2004. Grape vines almost 8 years old. Very wet, hot and humid end of season. Unwooded. Bottled early to retain its white peach and citrus blossom nose and its softly balanced lingering palate. 12.8% alcohol.

2005 -4 ½ tonnes hand picked February 22nd 2005. Grape vines almost 9 years old. This unwooded wine has retained its straw yellow, pale green tinge, its fruity nose and its softly balanced lingering palate. 13.6% alcohol.

2006 -6 ½ tonnes hand picked February 26th 2006. Grape vines almost 10 years old. Unwooded, bottled early for a soft, fruity palate which shows ripe flavours, balanced by a crisp & refreshing finish, lifted with aromas of melon fruits & citrus. 12.7% alcohol.

2007 -11 year old vines. 6 1/2 tonnes of grapes hand picked February 10th 2007. Straw green, with a nose of melon fruits & citrus, soft palate, crisp & refreshing.

 2008 - We weren't happy with the grapes after lots of rain & humidity, so we didn't pick, thus no wine this year.

                             2009 - A great season again! Hand picked in February - over 6 tonnes, so we are hoping for a great Chardonnay again.